We stage a staggering amount of sketch comedy, so we're always on the lookout for new writers. Our writers groups offer a great collaborative environment, and they're held via videoconference, which means you don't have to be anywhere near Atlanta to join us.

We record every show we do, so even if you aren't local, you'll be able to see how your material goes over with an audience, and how it's performed by some of Atlanta's top comedic actors.

Plus, we pay for every sketch that makes it into one of our mainstage shows. Interested yet? If so, submit three of your best sketches and we'll give you feedback and let you know if you've made the cut.

Don't worry, your submissions won't be shared with anyone.

(Theoretically, you could submit three of your worst sketches, which might make you stand out even more if they're really good.)
Contact us to submit or for more information