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We Make It... You Take It.
Our leaders are here to help guide your spiritual being through different levels of spiritual awareness and understand your terrestrial past... oh wait, that's something else.

Sketchworks' producers and department leaders are here to help guide your physical body through different levels of comedy skills and understand your funny bone. If you combine their years of experience in comedy, you'd end up with a really, really old lady in a nursing home with a stuffed cat.

We ask that you open yourself up and allow us to help you be funny. The world will thank us.
Brian Troxell

Brian has been a fan of sketch comedy since he was a little kid and was as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning when he discovered Sketchworks in 2009. He joined as an actor in 2010, directed his first show in 2013, and became an owner-producer in 2015.

Brian is an actor and voice artist in Atlanta. He has narrated over 150 audiobooks so far and is still cranking them out. He graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in computer science that he never uses anymore and has completely forgotten everything about.

Brian’s personal mantra is “#NeverProduce”.
Julie Shaer
Producer, Vape the Musical

Julie Shaer is a native of Boston, Massachusetts, Julie has had many years of performing on stage as a singer, dancer and actor.

Although all her work as a performer got put on hold by entering the corporate world. She became lifeless and dull- a lost soul if you will…the world of theatre was calling her back and in 2005 that is just what she did. Julie fused her love for comedy and theatre and took a class with Sketchworks Comedy. That did it. She was sold. Julie has been a performer, instructor and director which brought her to co-ownership of this sketch comedy ship with Brian Troxell in 2015.

Julie really and truly believes in and is passionate about her sketch comedy team as they are not only talented, professional and FUNNY, but a tight knit family. Join us, will you?
John D. Babcock, III
Head Writer

John's comedy career began when he was a kid.  He and his friends would write and perform sketches for neighbors in his backyard. John joined Sketchworks Comedy in January 2017 as a cast member of LAUGHTER REHAB.

In addition to writing and performing for Sketchworks, John writes murder mystery plays for Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem at Petite Violette and the Mystery Café of Indianapolis.  He also contributed on-air scripts to Turner Classic Movies - having  written for the late Robert Osborne, and Ben Mankiewicz.  His play INDEPENDENT, about filmmaker John Cassavetes, received its world premiere at Essential Theatre's 2017 Summer Festival.

John is a loving and dedicated husband and father who drives a sensible car and has no pets.
Maria Liatis
Education Director

Maria first got involved with Sketchworks Comedy because her agents at People Store were heavily involved in the theatre (at the time, a couple of them were the owners and mainstage performers). She went to a performance to show her support, and fell in love. She immediately started taking classes, and even forced her acting coach to become her friend and roommate so that she could suck all the comedy knowledge out of her! Ok, the friendship was definitely two-sided.

Maria is an actress, coach, writer, and director in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor's degree in Theater. She was an acting coach at The Actor's Scene for 7 years, and has coached with Sketchworks for 7 years. You can also catch her in some of their mainstage shows.

She started her career on stage and in front of the camera, but now is also focused on creating her own projects. She owns two production companies: Cart Reel Films, LLC, dedicated to creating original footage for actors to use in their demo reels; and Puppacorn Productions, LLC, for producing sketch comedy videos. Check her out on instagram @marialiatis, IMDB, Actor’s Access, Facebook, and MariaLiatis.com. Or, just come see her in a show, because isn’t that really what this is all about?!

Maria owns a pet ferret named Master Pot Roast and hates water chestnuts.


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