Who We Are and What We Do

Atlanta's Premier Sketch Comedy Troupe
Julie Shaer
Brian Troxell
Maria Liatis
Education Director
Bill Szabrak
Head Writer
Founded in 2001, Sketchworks is Atlanta’s premier live sketch comedy company and troupe featuring some of Atlanta's top working pros.
As opposed to unscripted improv, Sketchworks deals in short, written sketches and films, and celebrates comedy writers every bit as much as comic actors.

Shows can best be described as similar to SNL or MadTV, though our packed houses consistently proclaim it much funnier.
Warning: Not suitable for children under 16, adults over 90, and people with no sense of humor. Excessive laughter may cause sudden urination. Other serious side effects may include: sore facial muscles, uncontrolled exclamations, tears, muscle spasms, shock, and of course... anal leakage. If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your physician before seeing Sketchworks, and then come anyway.

Plan to see a Sketchworks with someone you love. If you don't love anyone, bring someone you like. If you don't like anyone, we don't mind if you bring someone you hate - as long as they laugh.
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