• Kids' Camp Show!
  • Kids' Camp Show
A Low-Budget Sketchy Thriller | Saturday June 22
Tickets are available for the Kids Camp show at Village Theatre in Atlanta.

VAPE Goes to NYC! | August 8, 9 & 10
Tickets are available for this award-winning musical comedy at Improv Asylum NYC.

JUL 2019
Put your mind at ease!

Sketchworks has the education your kiddos require this summer. John Philip Buisman can teach your kids all about character and sketch development. Plus a LIVE show!

JUL 27 - AUG 24
Comic timing, and characters!

This fun intensive preps you in the basics of acting the fool. Learn physical comedy, timing, and create over the top, believable characters for sketch comedy.

JUN 24 - JUL 2
Sketchworks Teen Summer Intensive!

Your creative teen will learn the in's and out's of sketch comedy by rehearsing for their very own fully-produced show and video sketch!

SEP 12 - OCT 17
Get serious about being funny!

Explore the genres of sketch comedy, analyze scripts and sketches based on the techniques learned, expand on ideas and turn them into scripts.


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