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Thanks to everyone who came out to support sketch comedy in Atlanta!

Those Were The Days (That Was A Phase) is a brand new LIVE stage show with retro sketches about the '00s, the '90s, the '80s, and other decades that have come and gone!

Written by the Spring 2022 Sketchworks Comedy Advanced Sketch Writing Class Graduates! Flashback with us on June 24th and 25th at 8pm at The Village Theatre!

Meet the Team who brought the funny!
John Buisman

John has been doing sketch comedy since he was very young. He would invite friends over and pester them into creating a mini sketch show with him on the spot.

John pursued Theatre at the University of Georgia, where he acted in plays ranging from Thornton Wilder's Skin of Our Teeth to Sophie Treadwell's Machinal. In addition to his work with Sketchworks, John has participated at the Atlanta Fringe Festival as both actor and director.

Since graduating, John has lead summer camps for Sketchworks Education.
Head Writer
John D. Babcock III

John's comedy career began when he was a kid. He and his friends would write and perform sketches for neighbors in his backyard. John joined Sketchworks Comedy in January 2017 as a cast member of LAUGHTER REHAB.

In addition to writing and performing for Sketchworks, John writes murder mystery plays for Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem at Petite Violette and the Mystery Café of Indianapolis.  He also contributed on-air scripts to Turner Classic Movies - having  written for the late Robert Osborne, and Ben Mankiewicz.  His play INDEPENDENT, about filmmaker John Cassavetes, received its world premiere at Essential Theatre's 2017 Summer Festival.

John is a loving and dedicated husband and father who drives a sensible car and has no pets.
Patrick Calvillo

Patrick Calvillo is a Kansas based visual artist. He received his BFA with the emphasis of film, painting and sculpture. After graduation, his focus shifted towards comedy writing and creating short films. He was a part of an ensemble podcast called Midwest Digest that featured comedians, artists and filmmakers.

While in Kansas he developed a documentary series titled “Artists in Their Space”, this series has been featured on Midwest PBS affiliate channels along with film festivals nationally and internationally. He has been a writer for multiple short film comedy projects along with co-creating a live virtual play titled “Hutchinson - the Pandemic”.

He moved to Atlanta a year ago and began studying improv and sketch writing along with doing freelance art and animations.
Rachael Dempsey

Rachael Dempsey is a Communications Manager living and working in Decatur, GA. After graduating from Berry College in 2013, she worked on local film projects, and co-wrote "Meeting Mufasa" which won Best Comedy at the 2013 Bald Shorts Film Festival.

When she's not writing, Rachael enjoys TikTok conspiracy rabbit holes and accidentally killing every houseplant she buys.
Michael Gorgoglione

Michael Gorgoglione started his comedy journey studying improvisation and comedy writing at The Second City in Chicago. From there he moved to Atlanta and became a performing house member at The Basement Theatre.

He has written, shot and edited dozens of comedy sketches and eventually hopes to move out of his grandma's basement and get a real job.

Anybody hiring?
April Sargent

Locally grown. Product of a large family. Tech worker. Xennial. Lover of novelty. Comedy dabbler.
The Actors
Kate Arloe

Since growing up in New York, Kate has led a varied existence between the East Coast, West Coast and work/travel abroad. She trained in voice over as well as dramatic and comedic acting in Los Angeles, San Fran, Atlanta and Chicago. Along the way, she’s morphed into an improv and character maniac. A graduate of The Second City Conservatory in Chicago, she now splits her time between states and is halfway through the year-long improv program at The Annoyance Theatre, Chicago.

Ah yes –– she’s also an illustrator, hot sauce maker/connoisseur and has a useless ability to know the name of almost any song by its first note.
Michael Donelan

Throughout his life, Michael was always asked "Are you trying to be funny?" by teachers, nuns, authority figures, and family. In 2018, he finally decided that the answer to that question would be resounding "Yes, damn it! I am trying to be funny." That is when he joined Sketchworks and made his main stage debut in 2018.

With a face for radio, Michael has also tried his hand at voice-over acting and has appeared on the Harry Strange Radio Drama podcast. He has also recently appeared recently in OnStage Atlanta's production of Circle Mirror Transformation and Lionheart Theater's A Streetcar Named Desire.

When not trying to be funny, Michael enjoys playing guitar (poorly), singing in a choir (poorly), exercising (irregularly) and exploring conspiracy theories on Reddit. He is a loving husband to a long-suffering wife and a father to two often mortified teenagers.
Dina Karl

Dina started acting at a community theatre in Hollywood, Florida when they were ten years old. They wanted to play every role. They moved with their family to metro Atlanta when they were thirteen and was a totally stereotypical drama kid in middle and high school. They earned a BFA in Theatre Performance at Columbus State University and has a bunch of other training under their belt.

Dina is an acting coach at The Actor's Scene because they love sharing their passion for acting with a younger generation (and acting hasn't been able to pay all the bills yet). They continue working in film (you haven't seen), theatre (you didn't go to), and sketch comedy (you better come!)
Brewer Kunnemann

Brewer is a Georgia native and a local actor who has trained with the University of Georgia, Havoc Movement, and the Atlanta Shakespeare Company.

You might have seen him recently in the ASC's production of The Country Wife, or in Stage Door Theatre's production of The Importance of Being Earnest.

He is so excited to make his sketch comedy debut with Sketchworks Theatre, and would like to thank his friends, his family, and his partner for their constant support.
Tim Millard

Tim Millard is an actor and writer whose own mother named him after a 1971 one-hit wonder song about cannibalism.

A childhood of watching movies and late-night television, combined with his prior career in journalism, molded and warped Tim’s mind with all sorts of absurd and silly ideas. You now get to see those ideas come to life in the work he does for Sketchworks Comedy! Follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @thetimmillard for mostly photos of his six-toed cat, Noodle.

Follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @thetimmillard for mostly photos of his six-toed cat, Noodle.
Allie O’Neill

Allie O'Neill has been writing and performing with Sketchworks off and on (but mostly off) since her first class in 2012. She has appeared professionally on the big screen in "Let's Be Cops," on the small screen in "Snapped: Killer Couples," and on stage as The Queen at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.

She has arguably found more success behind the scenes as a member of IATSE Local 479. She's currently "in school for computers," (whatever that means) and lives in Lawrenceville with her partner Corey and their cat Razzy.

Allie has a degree in something that doesn't matter from a college you've never heard of.
Christopher Parrott

Chris has been performing sketch and improv comedy since college. With a break for a career, Chris has recharged his acting and comedy prowess over the past few years;  and has enjoyed being apart of several commercials, roles in Netflix series and being a member of Atlanta’s very own Sketchworks Comedy Company.
Jenny Stearns

For decades, too many to mention, Jenny Stearns graced the stage as a dancer. In 2013 her passion for performance turned her attention to film and television, giving it a go in the vocal world of performance. In 2018, after many failed attempts at the big screen, Sketchworks scooped her up and brought her back to the stage. Shortly after, Covid closed those stages, but here we are, once again back to the stage.
SarahJane Wardlaw

SarahJane's got a bone to pick with comedy–the Funny bone. She is an actress who has studied improv and comedy at The Groundlings, Sketchworks Comedy, Village Theatre, and Dad's Garage.

When she isn't improving her improvising, she paints paintings and muses music. SarahJane is currently represented by TDH Talent Unlimited in Atlanta, GA and has a long distant romance with Sweetheart Elite Talent Agency in Los Angeles. Her love language is booking roles as well as words of affirmation.



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